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Miss, miss, goal, blooper, miss, miss, blooper and so on …

One of many missed chances.

… is propably the best way to explain the game against Vålerenga. ODD created so many chances it’s hard to explain how we could lose this game. Especially Frode Johnsen should have scored a hat-trick, but ended up with zero.

ODD sets the standard instantly. It took only three minutes before the first opportunity arrived, but Fredrik Semb missed the target by a meter. Nine minutes later it was Børvens turn to let a chance fly away. A cross came in, Børven ran from his marker, but from five meters he didn’t hit the ball well, and it rolled out for a goalkick. ODD had total control in this period, and Vålerenga didn’t cross the midfield with few exceptions. At one occation they managed to find the net, but it was cancelled due to a offside. And suddenly, after 26 minutes, everything worked out perfectly for ODD. Niklas Gunnarson got the ball out on the wing, dribbled his way into the box, and passed it to a unmarked Simen Brenne. On the first touch he blew the ball into the top corner, by the help of the bar. Simply a magnificent goal!

Though the lead didn’t stand for long. Kristofer Hæstad was played through on the wing, but was chased by Magnus Lekven. In the following duel Lekven was too weak, and Hæstad could pass it into the box, to a running Håvard Nielsen. The 18-year old attacker was completely alone, and from 10 meters he blasted the ball past André Hansen. Both Lekven and Semb has to take the blame for this goal, as none of them managed to interrupt Hæstad(Lekven) and Nielsen(Semb).

The following seven minutes was propably the most even period in the game, as the ball change side quite often. No one managed to break through, before VIF goalie Lars Hirschfeldt came out with a long punt. He sat up a sprint between Nielsen and Semb, which Nielsen won. André Hansen seemed very uncertain of what he sould do, and he ended up on the halfway between the goal and Nielsen, as the last mentioned reached the ball. He had no problems getting it past Hansen, but was a bit lucky as the ball went in after hitting the far post.  It’s worrying to see Hansen do errors like this, as he’s normally very good at such situations. On the other hand it might have calmed the interest from Molde and Rosenborg, as both clubs had scouts on the stand. The rest of the first half stood in ODDs name, though the big chances was in absence.

During half time Fagermo made a few changes. That turned out to be a success, at least when it comes to the performance between the boxes. The second half can be described in three words: Total ODD dominance. I don’t have the stats for this half only, but I bet it must have been up to 90% possession in ODDs favour. We came to chances after chances. If I had to describe them all, I could have written a book. It’s a mystery how we could fail in front of goal time and time again. Frode Johnsen must be given credit for getting to so many opportunities, but he has never missed so many before, and probably, in the future.

Therefore it was very unfair that Vålerenga and Håvard Nielsen scored their third. ODD had a throw-in in their half. the ball was throwed to Magnus Lekven, who surprised us all with a horror cross-pass, finding Mohammed Fellah just 20 meters from goal. He and Håvard Nielsen was two-on-one with Semb, and they had no problems playing out Semb and Hansen. This is at least the third goal in the wrong way that Magnus Lekven is directly involved in the last month.

ODDs pressure grew stronger and stronger, but a number of attempts whistled away. They needed a penalty to find the net, as they got in the 74th minute, Adem Güven went down in the box, and Børven was the one to challenge Hirschfeldt. Børven had no problems winning that competition. 2-3, and it was definitly game on. ODD was best in absolutely everything, but if you don’t score, you don’t win. That was the lesson of the day. It ended 2-3, though it could have been 10-0. Positive is that our field play was very good, while the negative is our defending and finishing. Next one is Brann in Bergen, and we have the believe that if we perform just as well, we got good chances.


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Hello! I'm a 21 year old guy, stubborn in my bitter old Norway. My passion is Life, and my Life is ODD Grenland. Just mentioning it...


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