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This is vålerenga!

Vålerenga comes from the capital, Oslo, just two hours north of Skien. They play their home games at the national stadion, Ullevaal Stadion,which can hold approximately 25.900 spectators. Martin Andresen, the former Blackburn and Wimbledon player, is their coach. It’s been very windy at Vålerenga the last year, especially due to the lack of results. Back when Andresen was appointed as coach, he told us that Vålerenga was going to be the best in Norway in 2010, best in Scandinavia in 2013 and special in Europe at the same time. They aren’t exactly close to that …

About the stadium:

Capacity(Seat/stand): 25.900 (24.500/1.000)

Turf: Natural

Opened: 1926

Away Section: One of few places where the away stand is just as good as the home stand. Could have been steeper though.

History: (From wikipedia)

Early days

The history of Vålerenga goes back to Fotballpartiet Spark which was founded in 1898, which became Idrettslaget Spring on 29 July 1913. Later the club changed its name to Vaalerengens Idrættsforening.

Vålerengen won the Oslo Championships four times before a national league (Norgesserien) was established in 1937. In the 1948/49 season Vålerengen finished second.


In 1965 Vålerengen won the 1st division (now Tippeligaen) for the first time, and in the 80s they won 3 league championships and 1 cup championship. During that decade they also were twice cup runners-up and placed 3rd in the league in 1985.

However, the team was relegated to the 3rd division in 1970, and were not back in the top league again until 1974.


In 1990 Vålerenga were relegated after 14 seasons in the top division. Vålerenga was close to further relegation in the 1992 season, but managed to remain in the second highest division thanks to a last round 3–0 win against Eik-Tønsberg IF. In 1994, Vålerenga returned to the top division, but were relegated again in 1996. In 1997 Vålerenga won the cup and the First Division and were again promoted to Tippeligaen. As earlier in the 90s, the stay in the top division lasted only a few years.


In the 2000 season Vålerenga lost the play-off matches against Sogndal and was relegated to the 1st division. Vålerenga returned to Tippeligaen and won the cup in 2002.

The 2003 season was poor for Vålerenga and they wound up third last in the league sending them into playoffs against Sandefjord to avoid relegation. The result was a 0–0 draw in Sandefjord and a 5–3 victory in Oslo and so Vålerenga retained the position in the top league and avoided relegation.

Vålerenga rebounded nicely in the 2004 season and proved a serious challenge to the dominant Rosenborg team in the bid for the league’s gold medal. After a frantic final round where Vålerenga beat Stabæk 3–0, they missed out on the league title since Rosenborg beat FK Lyn, Vålerenga’s city rivals 4–1. Vålerenga won the silver medal, finishing 2nd to Rosenborg equal on points and goal difference, but Vålerenga had scored one fewer goal than Rosenborg during the entire league campaign, leaving Rosenborg as league champions.

Champions 2005

At the start of the 2005 season it was apparent that Rosenborg was in bad shape and it seemed like Vålerenga’s season to go all the way. After a strong season opening, the club sensation IK Start – newly promoted to the Premier League – looked to give Vålerenga a fight to the finish, and the two clubs basically alternated on leading the series to the very last round. On 29 October it looked to be a thrilling last round reminiscent of the previous year, as both Start and Vålerenga had exactly the same amount of points, but Start with a slightly better goal difference. Start met Fredrikstad FK at home, while Vålerenga met Odd Grenland away. As the opening whistle blew the scene was set for some nail-biting football minutes around Norway. Eventually Fredrikstad, who faced relegation if they lost, beat Start 3–1 while at the same time Vålerenga managed a 2–2 draw against Odd Grenland. Vålerenga stepped one up from the previous year, and won the title with a one point margin. History was made on several levels that night as it marked the first time in 21 years that Vålerenga won the league, and most notably it put an end to the 13 year long reign of Rosenborg.

2006 onwards

The follow-up season of 2006 did not start out as well for the reigning champions, and a poor start left them at the bottom of the table after seven rounds, having gained only 5 points. A steady rise in form though still brought the team to 6th place by the time the season was half-through. Late July brought a string of bad results, including embarrassing losses to main rival FK Lyn, and the exit from the UEFA Champions League qualifier after losing 5–3 on aggregate to Czech club FK Mladá Boleslav in the 2nd qualifying round. Vålerenga had aimed to qualify for the tournament after missing out the previous year by being defeated by Belgian side Club Brugge K.V. on a penalty shoot-out. After losing five out of seven games between 22 July and 19 August head-coach Kjetil Rekdal decided enough is enough, and announced his resignation. Assisting coach Petter Myhre took over, and as a consequence the club regained their form and scored 25 out of the last 30 possible points, bringing the club to yet another medal in the league, the third consecutive, as well as a qualification spot for the 2007–2008 UEFA Cup. Vålerenga has also qualified for play in the 2006–2007 Scandinavian Royal League after finishing among the top four teams in Norway. In 2008 Vålerenga again won the cup. In 2009 the team made the semi final in the cup. On 1 August 2011, Válerega played Liverpool FC in a friendly which they drew 3–3.

Key Player: Kristofer Kruger Hæstad 

Kristofer Hæstad

Midfielder who is known for his rough play, and he can step over the line some times. Had a short loan spell at Wigan in 2007, while he was under contract with Start.

Young talent: Håvard Nielsen

18 year old attacker that broke through last season.

League position: 7th

Last five games:

Vålerenga – Rosenborg 0-0

Sandefjord – Vålerenga 2-1

Vålerenga – Stabæk 1-2

Vålerenga – Aalesund 0-0

Sandnes Ulf – Vålerenga 0-2

Importance of this match:

Both clubs has had a dissappointing campaign so far, but optimism is raising at both camps since both won their last game. Though the pressure on Martin Andresen is still huge, and if ODD win they will get past vålerenga on the table.

History between the clubs:

ODD and Vålerenga has met a number of times over the years. Among them, the cup final in 2002, where only one goal made sure vålerenga won. We have to go back to 2009 to find the last ODD victory, let’s hope we’ll break that poor form tomorrow.

Vålerengas André Muri was loaned to ODD in 2007, but other than that there hasn’t been much contact.

Statistics for this clash: (from www.nifs.no)

Games in total: 46

ODD wins: 11

draw: 11

vålerenga: 24

At Skagerak Arena

ODD wins: 7′

draw: 6

vålerenga: 10

Relationship between the fans:

Klanen is some fucking dickheads.Though, they don’t see us as a rival.


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