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Getting through, and that’s it.

On a sunny wednesday it was time to visit Raufoss, a village with approx 3000 inhabitants. ODD was huge favorites to progress to the fourth round, but in their own hall the third tier team was more resilient than expected.

ODD dominated the pitch for the first 15 minutes, though Torgeir Børven and Adem Güven wasn’t precise enough in front of goal. Passing 15 minutes, Raufoss crossed the midfield line for the first time. A long ball passed both our central defenders, and the Raufoss attacker ran past way too easy. And with a fine chip over Andreas Lie in the ODD Grenland goal, he made it 1-0. It came out of nothing, but it proved that Frode Johnsen, with his lack of pace, don’t fit as a central defender.

Luckily the surprising lead didn’t last for long. Herolind Shala dribbled his way through the wing, and served former Raufoss player Adem Güven, who tapped the ball in from a short distance. From there on ODD kept the ball, but Raufoss had their counter attacks. The fear for a cup sensation started to breed among the supporters, as ODD didn’t kill the game with more goals. Finally our nerves calmed down in the 35th minute. And with a beauty! Jone Samuelsen was given the ball, progressed to 20 meters and blasted it into the top corner. The guy who never scores, conjured up a special one.

But this time it was our turn to be dragged down again. once again a Raufoss attacker slipped away from the central defence, and from 16 meters he finished it into the bottom corner, almost impossible to save for Lie. Again it was the pace that had to take the blame.

Though ODD had the possession during most of the first half, Raufoss was still in the game.

The second half was very similar to the first, though Raufoss got to counter attack more frequently. That did almost result in a goal in the 61st minute, but alone with Lie, Oliver Berg didn’t manage to score. A miss he soon was going to regret.

At half time Johnsen was moved up as a attacker, and Niklas Gunnarson was subbed in. This stroke of geniousity was rewarded in the 65ft minute. From his position at the back, Gunnarson had the ball on the wing. He crossed it to a unmarked Frode Johnsen, who never spoil such chances. 2-3!

From that moment Raufoss had no options but attack. And dissapointingly (from ODDs wiev), they was allowed to do so. They came to a nomber of chances, and especially the one after 86 minutes was huge! Narongdet Solbakken finished at first straight onto Andreas Lie, and on a open goal (though thight angle), he sat it wide. I’n not gonna speculate in if he slept well that night …

That was their last attempt of the day, and ODD managed to ride off the storm. All in all a bit disappointing, but we’re through. And that was what mattered that evening.

Next one’s up in the cup is Haugesund at home, on the 4th of july!


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Hello! I'm a 21 year old guy, stubborn in my bitter old Norway. My passion is Life, and my Life is ODD Grenland. Just mentioning it...


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