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Effective ODD taking the points

In the shadows of the last days tragic event, ODD played a game away against Hønefoss. Hønefoss, who had let in only three goals before, was in for a shock.

The sunday heroes: Adem Güven in front, with Snorre Krogsgaard on his left and Simen Brenne behind him.

The game started with low intensity. The only chance stood in the name of ODD, as Simen Brenne struck a freekick from 20 meters on the inside of the post, and out. From there on Hønefoss got the pressure. They had a ton of chances, and just piled on the power as the time went on. It was only luck and a good André Hansen that prevented a HBK lead.

I guess that there is a unwritten rule that says the if you push on and don’t score, you will get in trouble. And so happened as André Hansen punted the ball upwards. Frode Johnsen flicked it on to Snorre Krogsgaard, who headed Adem Güven through. Unpressed from 10 meters he smashed the ball past HBK goalie Steve Clark. 0-1 after 33 minutes, highly flattering. And Güven was hungry for more. Morten Fevang played Simen Brenne through on the wing. From a deep position he crossed it and hit a flying Güven who beautifully placed it in the far corner.

The second half opened with a bang. Just few minutes into it Snorre Krogsgaard won the ball on his own half, ran to Hønefoss’s 16 meter box, and pinpointed the ball into the top corner. Brilliant! Simply fantastic …

It was a lot back and forth after that for the next 20 minutes, but no one managed to create anything. Untill the 73rd minute, as Hønefoss came to a crossing position. The Winger passed one defender, and with a low pass he hit Kevin Beugre, who had to slide backwards to reach it, and in some way he managed to get it in. 1-3, and the game was up again.

Luckily for ODD, Kristjan Örn Sigurdsson was in the generous corner. He gave the ball to Simen Brenne, who alone with Steve Clark simply rolled the ball past him. It seemed that the air went out of the HBK balloon. ODD controlled the game after that, though the home team came to a couple of fair chances.

They ran out of time, with the result 1-4. Three very important points was gathered, and it’s time to look to wednesday, when we’ll be waiting for Sandnes Ulf …


About heiaodd

Hello! I'm a 21 year old guy, stubborn in my bitter old Norway. My passion is Life, and my Life is ODD Grenland. Just mentioning it...


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