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Sundays historical match: The drama against Fredrikstad in 1938

It was a game that is remembered as one of the most dramatic cup ties played at ODD Stadion ever. Fredrikstad, who was the favorites, had crushed Storm 7-0 on the previous round, and their stars Knut Brynildsen, Arne Ileby and Sten Moe was terrifyingly good. ODD on their side had beaten Nesset 2-0, and had players like Rolf Holmberg, Nils Eriksen and Einar «Jeja» Gundersen, who was good as any. The game was a sell-out, and over 10.000 fans surrounded the field.

ODD rushed forward, and had Fredrikstad under the knife from the very beginning. But luck wasn’t on Nils Eriksens side, as he clomsy touched the ball with his hand inside the box. Undoubtably a penalty, which Fredrikstads Bryna secured into the net.

It was more even after the goal. The ball travelled from half to half. Though again it’ was Fredrikstad who scored, as Arne Beby cut in from the wing and did everything himself., making it 0-2. Brutally reminded by Fredrikstads dominance in past batallions, the fans are quiet. Will there be another loss? Skjønstad won the ball after 30 minutes. Passed out to Pettersen on the wing, got it back and picks out Trygve Århus who runs in from the left wing, and placed it past Schuster in the Fredrikstad goal.

William Eriksen dribbled past a defender, played the ball further to Reidar Skjønstad. Skjønstad fired away a screamer which passed the line after hitting the bar, just six minutes after ODDs first goal.And only three minutes later Eriksen, with great influence by Skjønstad, made it 3-2. Players and fans exploded!

Fredrikstad started the second half better. They got to play their game, and after 58 minutes Ileby achieved the 3-3 goal. It was a intense atmosphere, and a goal either way could decide it. Only 14 minutes left. All of a sudden, Einar Gundersen interrupts a Fredrikstad attack. He plays a long ball to Århus, who makes his way into the defence. A defender is reaching for the ball, but Århus gets away a shot in the last possible moment. 4-3. The stands was litteraly shaking, and the minutes to go was long as a year. 7 minutes, 6 minutes, 5 minutes … a Knut Moe shot was destined for goal, but ODDs keeper Birger Johnsen wanted it different with a spectacular save. Knut Brynildsen gets the ball on ODDs half. He runs forward, but his only chance is a long shot, which he tries. And it blows right in. 4-4!

Extra halves had to be arranged to find a winner. Fredrikstad gained the ball, and possessed it more and more. It was not unfair that Brynildsen headed in the 4-5 goal on a corner just before the first half ended. It turned out to be the winning goal, and a final end to this thrilling encounter.

A ripping and bitter defeat for everyone with a white heart, especially as this was one of many losses to Fredrikstad recently, but they was one of the top teams (among with ODD) at that time, and they won the cup that year.


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Hello! I'm a 21 year old guy, stubborn in my bitter old Norway. My passion is Life, and my Life is ODD Grenland. Just mentioning it...


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