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Going for medals!

(From TA)

For the first time in ODDs modern history, they’ll reach for medals. In short time gloomy economic times has turned to unanimous optimism. The 10% wage cut makes 2 million NOK (262.381 EUR), and the squad will stay untouched.

Tore Andersen looking forward

The smiles was many and big at Skagerak Arena yesterday. Every employee in ODD and Grenland Football has accepted to reduce the salaries with 10%, which saves the club somewhere between two and two and a half million NOK. That’s confirmed by director Tore Andersen.

Proud boss

– It has been important to do this right. I have had conversations with every employee, including the squad. Everyone stand together and it’s a common effort for the club and the companys existence and for future premier division football. We have been working and working – with multiple measures. A wage cut is the last thing you want to do, because everyone lives of these payments. It’s about safety and livelihoods. So when we recieves this unison support, it makes me very proud, says a moved ODD-boss.

– Now we can work on the sports, the game on sunday and those who comes, says Tore Andersen, who adds that the administration must keep on working to increase the income.

Since the annual meeting in february it has been known that the economy is very poor. Individuals and firms given money to the “My player” project, and directly to the club. The engagement has been better than ever. Tore Andersen has had the hard job to look at solutions to better the economy.

Cut before sale

Even though it’s not a demand, there won’t be any sales – if not any extraordinary comes on the table. Keeping all the players is one of the reasons they had to cut the wages.

– We want to keep those we have now, says Tore Andersen

– But if Manchester United wants one of ours for 25 millions, and the player wants, he might leave, says Tore Andersen and smiles.

Keeping todays squads rises the optimism in the club.

– We have been debating our aim for the season. The whole organisation, the players, sport and administration, stand together and behind the target which is medals. We must dare to be that offensive, minding that we was undoubtably the best team last autumn, and we have lost only one match since august. We have also brought in Oldrup Jensen, Güven and Eriksen and the squad is stronger now. In addition players like Rashani, Jonassen, Hansen, Semb and Børven has had a good winther after gaining important experience last season. It’s a very good “go” in the group, and in connection with the economical situation we’ve seen that the players wants to stay. That says alot about the social environment and how much we believe in this, says coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo.

If you’re going any way, you have to have a target, and we must dare to say that we want medals. It’s important to be offensive, states the coach.

The wage cut shows responsibility and the feelings for the club.

– I don’t think that this would happen in many other clubs. Everyone has been understanding and this action has gone painless, Fagermo adds.

Can beat everyone

Also the players thinks it’s good to move the focus over to Sogndal after this.

– With all this engagement around, we want to show that we care. It’s about the clubs excistense, and I think this gives a important signal power. We won’t lose any players now, and we have had a good team for a long time now. This year we’re racing for medals. We must be offensive after the finish of last season and this winther. We has proven that we can beat everyone – home and away, says captain Morten Fevang, who underlines that it won’t be any excuses to not perform, but rather the opposite.

Wise captain Steffen Hagen believes in a even stronger collective.

– Everything has been very tidy, and we has to contribute in a difficult situation. We’ll help as much as we can. We’ve been working for closer relationships with partners, schools and clubs. It”s not fun to lower the salaries, but we’re facing the realities, and I thing think that this process makes us stronger than ever.All for one, says Steffen Hagen.

– It’s a important signal for all those who loves the club. We are united, says Emil Sølyst from Oddrane (The fan club).



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