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This is Fredrikstad!

Fredrikstad is a club from the city with the same name, situated two hours east of Skien. Their stadium is named Fredrikstad Stadion, and holds 12.800 spectators. They are commonly known as just «FFK», or «The Aristocrats». Head coach is Tom Freddy Aune, who also played for the club years ago.

About the stadium

Capacity (seat/stand): 12.800 (11.600/1.200)

Opened: 2007

Away section: One of the better ones. A quite steep standing section, which gives a nice sight. The corners

Fredrikstad Stadion

are closed with glass walls, which makes the acoustics good.

Other than that I must mention that the stadium was built in some old fabric localities, symbolicing the togetherness of the two things in Fredrikstad; Football and industry.


Fredrikstad is a club with fat letters in Norwegian football. Over the years the have won nine league championships, and eleven cups (only beaten by ODDs twelve).

Their history starts in 1903, at a time when football was a minor sport in Norway. Therefore it was difficult to find opponents in the beginning. But things began to roll, so they and arch rivals Sarpsborg the first ever regional football association, and then inspiring other to do the same. Untill 1927 Fredrikstad changed their shirt colours, before getting the nowbeing white shirts and red shorts. Back then the kits actually was a gift from the Polish national team, and they established a friendship who now has been forgotten.

FFK was one of the best Norwegian team untill the late sixties. They was a very conservative club, who for example refused to practise more than twice a weak, being afraid that «more football would ruin the joy of the game». And as the professionalism came stronger and stronger, Fredrikstad naturally fell behind, resulting in their first ever relegation in 1975. They came back just two seasons later, but they had just started a rollercoaster between the top two divisions. But after the relegation in 1984, that came to an end. The fans had to wait til 2003 before seeing FFK in the top notch again. After that they won the cup in 2006, and 2nd place in Tippeligaen in 2008.

Key player

Tarik Elyounoussi

Majour player in Tippeligaen, at least when it comes to treating the ball well. He is good on the ball, good one-on one, and have the abilities to score goals. His professional career started in FFK, but he’s also been into

Tarik Elyounoussi

Heerenveen and Lillestrøm. Made his debut for Norway in 2008.

Young talent

Kevin Dure

Central defender who came to Fredrikstad during last summer. Said to have a bright future.

League position

Ended up as number twelve last season.

Current Form

They have played only two games this year. First they won 1-0 over neighbours Sarpsborg, before leaving Turkey with a embarrasing 4-0 defeat to Bulgarian club Beroe.

History between the clubs

Since ODD and FFK historically is one of the biggest in Norway, some batallions have been fought. The majour ones must be the 1951 and ’57 finals (the league consisted of two equal departments, which the winners met in a final), and Fredrikstad won them bouth. Of todays players Alex Valencia has been in ODD, while Simen Brenne and Mattias Andersson has used the Polish-inspired shirt.

My opinion

Fredrikstad is a town with a lot of enthusiasm for their club. It’s always in a friendly manner, so as an away fan, a visit to Fredrikstad is nice.

Kickoff: 17th february 2012 at 14.30 (2.30 pm)

Arena: Østfoldhallen





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Hello! I'm a 21 year old guy, stubborn in my bitter old Norway. My passion is Life, and my Life is ODD Grenland. Just mentioning it...


3 thoughts on “This is Fredrikstad!

  1. You should go to Brazil, friend. Billions of small and odd football stadiuns…

    Posted by Fábio Soares | February 17, 2012, 01:22
    • Maybe, some day… 🙂 Always liked Brazil, I might take the trip once. What would you say is the most interesting stadium to visit?

      Posted by heiaodd | February 18, 2012, 00:04
      • There are many. Brazil is a continent. Pacaembu is the most traditional in São Paulo, where I live. But you are looking for a small stadium, right?
        So, take a look at Canindé (Portuguesa), Rua Javari (Juventus), Nicolau Alayon (Nacional). All of little teams. Bye

        Posted by Fábio Soares | February 18, 2012, 01:23

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