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Wrecking godset!

strømsgodset did not stand a chance trying to beat the still unbeaten ODD Grenland.

Todays game, who was played in Lillestrøm of all places, turned out to be a easy match for ODD. The Black & Whites were simply too dominant in both ends.

The game started in a high tempo, where no one managed to gain more possession than the other. But the chances came ODDs way. Just a few minutes into the game Adem Guven put a freekick straight in the post, by the help of goalkeeper Lars Cramers hand. A little later Simen Brenne combines fine with Frode Johnsen, but alone with the goalie a sloppy shot sent the ball wide. By the 15 minute mark Adem Guven was torn down, but the ref oversaw it, declining a clear penalty!

At 30 minutes Simen Brenne sent Adem Guven chasing down the line. He reached the ball by the deadline, and crossed it in. Frode Johnsen stood alone by the back post, and headed it straight on to an opponents neck. Luckily he got it back, and this time unpressed on 6-7 meters, he did not fail.

Unfortunately godset answered just seven minutes later. a godset-player slipped through ODDs defence way too easy, and passed it in to Peter Kovacs, who scored. But just a minute later ODD was back on the flow again. Simen Brenne won the ball on 35 yards, advanced, and scored on a long-range shot, propably because the ball changed course when hitting a defender. 2-1, which happened to be the result by half time.

In the second half the tempo was lower, and ODD had the ball much more. It didn’t happen much before the 60th minute, when Frode Johnsen got the ball all alone on 8 meters, but put it just inches outside. 6 minutes later ODD won the ball in their own 20 yard box, and gave it to Torgeir Børven. He ran and ran, and no one stopped him. just before reaching godsets box, he made up his mind, and finished clinically in the botton corner. a fine long shot by Børven!

The next goal came almost immediately after Børvens. Jone Samuelsen crossed the ball from the deadline, and reached Frode Johnsen whom from the near post easily scored with a header. After that the tempo went down even more, and I saw which way victory went. Though, godset again scored way too easy just four minutes before full time. On a counter, a low cross went past all of ODDs defenders, and hit Ola Kamara alone, who ended it in the net. André Hansen touched the ball, but it wasn’t enough.

4-2 at full time, after a game that ODD eventally dominated. Lekven, Guven and Shala made good impressions, along with Niklas Gunnarson, who came in for Fredrik Semb during the second half.

This is what Dag-Eilev Fagermo said to Varden:

“it was too much up and down in our performances. We got counters against us, like on their second goal. Our attackers scored three goals, and I’m very pleased with that. Adem Güven is a type of winger I’ve been looking for. He’s propably best on the left hand side, but he will be better on the right aswell. Niklas Gunnarson did well today, though some mistakes was done. He tried to conquer the world, which isn’t unusual when you’re playing for a new contract. He’s a great player, with a great potential!”.

Authors wiev:

We killed the rats, splitted them to peaces, fried them and gave it to the cats. Bon appetit!


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Hello! I'm a 21 year old guy, stubborn in my bitter old Norway. My passion is Life, and my Life is ODD Grenland. Just mentioning it...


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